Kumu Hina

Free & Equal in the South Pacific: Kumu Hina Screenings in Fiji & Tonga

December 7, 2015:

This week, directors, and project ambassadors, Dean & Joe are off to share a message of gender diversity and inclusion with audiences in Fiji and Tonga!

In Fiji, KUMU HINA is the closing night feature in the Nothing Less Than Equal Film Festival, an event organized by the Fiji Women's Right's Movement and several United Nations agencies in the region to help end violence against women and girls, and to promote respectful, equal, strong, and healthy relationships.

In Tonga, a screening of the film hosted by the Tonga Leitis' Association will not only help to launch the UN Pacific Free & Equal Campaign, it will be the kick-off for Miss Galaxy 2015, an annual event that celebrates the diversity and talent of the Fakaleiti and LGBT communities throughout the islands.

There will also be a screening of KUMU HINA at Tonga's 'Atenisi Institute, an autonomous university founded by Futa Helu, a legendary artist and educator who believed that students should be taught how -- not what -- to think.

It's hard to imagine any better ways for this project to build bridges of friendship and solidarity across the waters than through meaningful events like these, and we're honored and humbled by the opportunities. Check out all the screening details HERE.

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